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Now you can smile with confidence with dental implants from Middlesex Implants & Cosmetic Centre

This is because we only use the highest quality materials to ensure that you not only have the smile you came to us for but that you can smile with confidence, knowing that your implants have been placed by a highly trained expert in the field.

The loss of a tooth causes the jawbone beneath it to shrink and become brittle because it has not been used. Furthermore, it can affect your diet and nutrition as your ability to chew properly may be affected. You may not be able to enjoy the food you like to eat.

Dental implants can change that as they replace missing teeth. The implants take the place of missing teeth giving the look and feel of real teeth. One of the main advantages of implants is that it stops bone loss and preserves healthy teeth, thus restoring your natural smile

All treatments are offered and done routinely using the Ankylos system.

What are dental implants and how do they work?

A dental implant is a small titanium screw which is placed into the old tooth root position and integrates fully into the jaw bone, thereby creating a secure and permanent foundation, on which to fix a crown to replace your missing tooth. The results of implants are very pleasing, as aesthetically they can look superb giving you the confidence to smile and eat the foods you want to, when you want to without feeling embarrassed. For many patients implant dentistry is certainly an option to consider as it has made incredible progress over the last decade.

Fitting Dental Implants
The procedure for fitting dental implants involves securely fitting a titanium implant into the bone. After the area has healed and the implant is fully fused into the bone, a post or abutment can be fixed on to the implant. The porcelain crown or bridge is then fitted on this post. Whilst the procedure is quite invasive most patients choose sedation although it can also be carried out under local anaesthetic.

Single and Multiple Tooth Replacement

We offer both individual and multiple tooth replacement procedures depending on whether you need to replace a single tooth or require implant-supported dentures for total tooth restoration in the upper and lower jaws.

Patients just beginning to think about dental implant treatment may find it helpful to attend a complimentary consultation with Dr Oberai. The consultation is in two phases. The initial discussion will help you consider the options for treating your dental problems and decide whether to proceed to a clinical consultation for implants. Once you have decided in principle that you want implant treatment, the next step is a clinical consultation. This includes a comprehensive oral examination, and results in production of a fully-costed individual plan for your treatment. The consultation is free of charge for visitors enquiring through this website. Please use the button in the right hand column to request an appointment.

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